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The Donna Buang Lodge was Consecrated in Warburton on Saturday, May 19th ,1923.

The history of the Lodge must include the efforts of the Freemasons who lived in this district and worked for some years prior to the Consecration to bring about the formation of a Masonic Lodge in Warburton.

The first meeting for this purpose was held in 1913 and convened by Bro. W. Winstanley, and , as no suitable building was available the meeting was adjourned until a later date.

World War 1 intervened and a number of the Brethren who were interested in the formation of a Lodge enlisted in the Army. It was not until these men returned from active service that the movement to establish a Lodge began again.

In 1918. Bro. Winstanley paid a deposit on the site in Warburton and Collected the balance of the purchase price of 50 pounds from local Brethren.

The next year, 1919, was a busy one, but the big hurdle facing the handful of Brethren was to finance the erection of the Temple. The local banks refused to lend any money and Grand Lodge was asked to assist by issuing debentures. However, this idea was also rejected.

The problem was overcome by obtaining a loan of 2,000 pounds from Bro. Harry Hermon, the owner of the Warburton Timber and Tramway Co.

Tenders where called and the lowest cost of 1,880 pounds from a Melbourne builder was accepted to erect the Temple. The building was delayed because of the extremely wet season and the builder failed to complete the job. Bro. H. Horsey was then engaged to complete the building. He carried this out at a total cost of less then 2,000 pounds.

The architect was Rt. Wor. Bro. Burridge Leith. During the construction of the Temple a Bro. Renwick, a Trustee of the Alpine Lodge of Woods Point, was a patient at the Warburton Sanitarium, and he informed Bro. Winstanley that the furniture of the Alpine Lodge, which had been in abeyance for some years, was still stored in the Temple at Woods Point.

Mr. G. Maxwell and his Model T. Ford were hired to take Bro. Winstanley. Bro. Wormesly (Shire Secretary ), Bro. E. Storey and Wor. Bro. C Bucklin to Woods Point to inspect the furniture and fittings.

The steep grade of the road beyond McVeighs prove too much for the Model T and a bearing in the motor failed for want of oil. The Passengers then pushed the car to the top of the grade and coasted into Matlock. The manager of the Morning Star Mine arranged for a mechanic to repair the motor.

The Brethren from Warburton inspected the furniture and accepted the carpet and fittings – with the exception of the organ which was used for church services. The return trip to Warburton was completed without trouble, thus ending the first motor car excursion from Warburton to Woods Point – a trip originally planned for one day but which took three days to complete.

Mr Tom Hansen, of Warburton, was engaged to fetch the furniture from Woods Point in his dray.

The Masonic Brethren of Warburton now had a Temple and furnishings. An application was forwarded to Grand Lodge for a petition in the name of the Alpine